Patients’ Rights

Patients At This Practice Are Entitled To:

  • Be provided with services in a courteous, civil and co-operative manner.
  • A clear explanation of, and advice on, the patient’s medical condition and any proposed treatment.
  • A referral for specialist medical opinion or other second opinion in appropriate circumstances.
  • Receive information via the practice notice board/website/newsletter of any relevant health promotion exercise and preventative medicine initiatives.
  • Absolute confidentiality of medical records maintained by the practice subject to any provisions for disclosure imposed or allowed by law.
  • Access their own personal health records, in accordance with the Data Protection Act (please contact the practice manager if you wish to view your records).
  • Have any formal complaint against the practice investigated and dealt with fairly, and according to the practice complaints procedure.
  • Request (either in writing or verbally) to be seen by a particular doctor. We shall endeavour to comply with this request, but need not do so if the preferred doctor is not able to, or has reasonable grounds for refusing.
  • Patients aged 16 – 74 who have not been seen at the practice for three years are entitled to a health check, on request.
  • An annual health check, on request, if they are aged over 75.
  • Ask or arrange for a chaperone to be present during intimate examinations.

The Practice Is Entitled To:

  • Receive co-operation, civility and courtesy from its patients at all times.

The Practice Will Not Accept:

  • Rudeness, threats or aggressive behaviour directed towards practitioners, staff or other patients, or repeated abuse of its facilities including emergency or out of hours service. The practice will remove from the list anyone who is violent or abusive.

Patient Responsibilities

  • Please inform the practice if you change your telephone number or name and address (remember to add your postcode).
  • Please make appointments that you know that you can keep and arrive on time. If for some reason you are unable to keep your appointment please inform the practice as soon as possible.
  • Be patient if your doctors are running late – on another occasion it might be you who needs the extra time!
  • Don’t ask for another member of the family to be seen at your appointment without making prior arrangements.
  • Ask for a GP home visit only if you are too ill to go the surgery. If possible telephone before 10.30am.
  • Read the information on this website and in the practice booklet. This will help you get the best from the services available.